1. **ALERT:   We are looking for an "empty nest" married couple to  join our team.** 

What is Teaching Abroad?

Teaching Abroad is an organization that recruits and trains Christians to teach English in universities in other countries. 

While TA considers other countries for placement, the primary destination of our teachers these first 16 years has been China.     

Each of the Chinese universities and colleges where TA teachers serve are official state-run schools in mainland China.  One of the needs of schools is high quality English language

preparation for the students. These schools are very eager to have native English speaking teachers.  Such teachers are provided for and warmly welcomed.  

TA strives to provide each school with teachers who work in a professional manner, who live with integrity and who honor their Chinese students, co-workers, and neighbors.  It is vital that teachers uphold our agreement with universities, which includes not using the classroom for "preaching or proselytizing."

We hope you will consider this rich opportunity.  Whether you teach one year or ten years with TA you will be changed and you will help others be changed.   There are many students waiting for you.  Won't you be a part? 

Brief History:  Teaching Abroad was founded in 1999 by Dr. Dennis Hagen of George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. Convinced of the great opportunity in China, a board of directors was formed and the first teachers went to China in August of 2000.  TA teachers have instructed more than 100,000 students in our first 16 years. 

Am I Qualified?
           You must have..... 
  • A bachelor's Degree 
  • English as your first language.
  • A strong Christian Faith
  • Complete an on-line TESOL course
  • A one year commitment
  • A teachable spirit and willingness to be flexible and adventurous.
  • Willingness to work as a part of a team within an unfamiliar and sometimes perplexing educational system.